44 weeks post ATR

And I only realised it was 44 weeks because my timeline said so!  Amazing how time flies and how eventually you stop thinking in terms of days, weeks and months post ATR.  I can even get up some mornings and not remember straight away!
I’m not long back from a 6.5 week trip to Malaysia and happy to say that I had no problems at all with my leg - and no more DVTs either, yippee.  Before I left I had my heart and lungs checkup for the PE and they were all fine.  I’ve an ECG at the end of April and if all is good, that should bring this experience to an end hopefully, at 11 months; an "interesting" time!
I can do everyday stuff without any issues now, run up and down steps on tip-toes, etc., without the tendon complaining.  In fact, I can feel my calf muscle moaning a bit now, which is great - can’t imagine having thought that this time last year!
Can manage a single heel lift on the bad leg, which is about half the height I can do on my good leg.  But I don’t remember having to do many of these in my 50 years, so I could live the next 50 like this ;-)
I’ve been pretty slothlike for the last few months - I’d like to say that was because of the PE and severe anemia caused by the anti-coags….yep, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it ;-)  But now I’m off the anti-coag pills I’ve run out of excuses and so I’m going to have to start some gradual, routine exercise again.  Good time of the year to start :-)
I pop in here every so often to see how everyone else is progressing.  I saw Kellygirl was around not so long ago - great posts as always :-)  Glad to hear all the people who were suffering along with me are doing well too.  This site is such a help, only those who have gone through an ATR (or 2, NormOfTheNorth) can understand the frustration; it kept me sane.  There were times when I felt I’d never be "normal" again (whatever that is!).
And so today I find out if I can stop the iron tablets too.  Woohoo!

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  1. Pam, I just twigged on “Glasgow”, just as a few of us have been discussing the Glasgow study of almost 1000 non-op ATRs treated by the same senior OS (Wallace?). Were you part of that now famous group?
    I think his paper shows how unusual you were to get the clots (DVT & PE). Time to buy a lottery ticket?

  2. Hi Pam, Norm

    Pam, good to see you’re recovering well.

    Norm, Wallace - Belfast not Glasgow? Or did he move? I really don’t know! I’ll let you check while I go and eat my dinner…

  3. Hi Norm and Hillie
    I was “treated” (open to debate how well that was ;-) ) at Paisley rather than Glasgow - although they are very close geographically, so I wasn’t treated by Wallace and I couldn’t say if he is/was at Glasgow or Belfast. Sounds like I would have been better of if I had seen him!
    However, as I am now whole again and on the mend, I can say, that it can always be worse!
    I might just buy that lottery ticket anyway :-D

  4. Hillie, I’ve already moved Exeter to Sussex, so Belfast to Glasgow is just the logical next step! ;-)

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