5.5 months and a uni-lateral heel raise :-D

Just back from the physio (a new one - good to have a 2nd opinion). She was very happy with my progress, which I have to say, so am I. Just this last 2-3 weeks things seem to have started to come together (excuse the pun).
I can walk most days without a limp and no pain. I can feel my calf muscle working and today the physio got me to do bi-lateral heel raises and then a uni-lateral. She was very pleased with the bi-laterals and happy with the uni-lateral, but obviously needs more work on the calf muscle.
I’m ecstatic - I’m not sure I ever did uni-lateral heel raises before but good to know I can sort of do one now :-D Next step is a lower-limb rehab class - a sort of circuit of exercises with a physio watching over me.
I still have two different coloured legs - from the DVT I think, but that’s ok; kind of quirky :-) Finally, I feel that the worst might be over.

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  1. YAY!! Keep working it, but don’t go nuts — and don’t assume that everything a PT tells you to do is safe, either! I had a 1-month setback from doing whAt
    My PT told me to do, post-op at about your stage of recovery. Stay incremental, and give your leg hours or even a day or 2 to “digest” any big “steps”. It won’t slow you down much compared to a big setback.

  2. Good news there Pam with regard to the heel raises, when I started being able to do a single heel raise it was only tiny, and seemed to make no progress, but a month down the line it started making good progress and higher lifts.
    Your different coloured legs may not be the DVT, my bad leg was still darker at your stage, although I’m fairly sure its sorted now (8months).
    Enjoy the lower limb gym, it was my life saver!

  3. My feet (more than legs) have been different colors for many years. Left one darker-redder. Pre-ATR#1, I think. Whenever I mention it to an MD they look at me as if I’m the Leader of the Worried Well… so I’ve stopped.

  4. ok that’s interesting. I assumed it was the DVT, possibly not then. :-D

  5. Nice!

    This my be a good time to step it up a bit, and not wait for it.

    Keep us posted.

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