week 21 - one step forward, 3 steps back…

… or so it seems sometimes. I’ve been travelling Northern Spain for the last 5 weeks and just before I went, I really hurt my tendon at physio. I had a lot of pain and so decided to ease off on the exercises and just do stretches so long as it was bearable. It took about 3 weeks until I was back to where I had been! Was doing well on holiday until last week, when I overdid trying to walk normally and I’m back with the inflamed, swollen tendon again :-( So I’m back to resting it as much as poss.

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  1. Sad to hear, but I hope you get back up to speed soon.

    Good luck,

  2. I can sympathize. I had a lot of forward/backwards progress and still do at times. It’s hard to be incremental. Hang in there though–I’m noticing that recovery takes less time the further along I am in the healing process.

  3. thanks Kelly, it’s times like these that you really appreciate a website like this that allows you to moan and groan and get support from fellow sufferers. I don’t believe that anyone who hasn’t been through this injury can really appreciate how frustrating it is. You look like you’re progressing well :-)

  4. Ya, going FORWARDS is frustrating ENOUGH!!
    I lost a month from a dumb PT after my first ATR. (Her patient wasn’t too smart either! ;-) ) Even after the risk of rerupture is gone, it’s best — and hard — to know where to draw the line. Some people seem to do pretty well “pushing through the pain” and using body-builder techniques to rebuild the calf and surrounding muscles and tissues. And some suffer setbacks and have to back off and let things heal.

    When the newest and best evidence on ATR rehab generally shows that the fastest common rehab protocols — like bit.ly/UWOProtocol and the new Exeter protocol — work the best, it’s tempting to just keep going faster and faster, doing more and more. But it’s still a balancing act, and being incremental is still the best policy, maybe for close to a year — or until you can really start forgetting your ATR!

  5. Am empathetic with your ‘1 forward and 3 back’. It is definitely a challenge this ATR recovery. This site is really good even at this stage as friends and family I think must be pretty tired of the ATR recovery woes/success’. Takes a fellow sufferer to understand. Hang in there - full recovery is in sight!

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