13 weeks and 3 days

My doesn’t time fly when you have use of all your limbs!
I’ve had 3 physio session - 1 a week since I last updated. I’ve officially ditched the boot and crutches - I say officially, because I had really anyway, but it was good to get the ok from the physio.
I can walk barefooted around the house and outside, I’m in shoes with a heel of about 1.5-2cm. Still have a limp when I walk outside but not so much when I’m in the house - must be a speed thing or a length of stride. I’m trying very hard to put equal weight on both legs and not fall into the habit of limping.
Around my ankle still swells badly and that does affect the movement I have, but the physio measured my ROM and there’s a 5 degree difference in my bad leg in the dorsiflexion and 25 degrees in the plantarflexion, which she says should get better but wouldn’t be too much of a hindrance if it didn’t. I’ve got 1cm difference in calf size. She was pleased with my progress.
I’ve been using my exercise bike in the last couple of days - she said it would be fine (I worry more about my heart and lungs after the DVT/clot). I’m taking things easy on that front.
I’ve got a new toy - a wobble/balance board. Thought it was it too easy…until I closed my eyes! Quite good fun and I can feel everything working to keep that balance.
I’ve other exercises to do to strengthen my calf muscles and to loosen the tendon (heels hanging over a step and lowering from my toes slowly, etc) and she suggested walking uphill and on uneven surfaces too. I can go upstairs on alternate steps, but not down.
I’ve had a couple of moments when my heart and the World stopped - one where going upstairs, I forgot I had an injury (how brilliant is that!) and just put my toes on the step instead of my whole foot. My ankle gave way thankfully and not my tendon…scarey. I must remember to concentrate at all times.
I can cook, clean, drive - who would think that would be exciting! I’m guessing the novelty will wear off soon ;-) So I feel like I’ve turned a huge corner from the bleak, dark days of not so long ago, when it felt like I would never live a normal life again. A bit melodramatic, I know, but you feel what you feel.

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  1. I definitely do know how you feel. Did my first ‘heel drop’ at physio yesterday. When the physio explained the exercise, I was horrified at the thought and said, “Are you sure?” She assured me that it would be okay and that now part of the healing process is building trust. That darn fear of re-rupture is always lurking just below the surface!! Sounds as though you are doing well. Keep up the good work and I’m really glad that you’ve turned the corner from those bleak, dark days!!!!

  2. @Loumar747 - Thanks for your support. I totally get the “trust” and re-rupture thing; particularly the re-rupture, which is never far from my thoughts. My physio, this week suggested I try a heel drop on my injured leg on its own - I had to refuse that one, which she was ok with (and she does say I should listen to my body).
    But I can see that things are improving and I’m back in control (ish) which is good enough for me :-)

  3. I fear the cook, clean and drive does get a bit old after awhile :) Sounds like you are doing great. The ROM definitely improves over time. That’s great that you only have a 1 cm difference between calves. Mine is twice that. Good luck with the rest of your recovery. Thanks for the update!

  4. Hi lovely to hear how you are progressing as you are similar time to me, I ruptured on 4th June, surgery on 13th. I am walking in two shoes, finding I still have quite a limp when walking outside, am doing all the exercises given by physio but feel its all quite slow! Taking one day at a time seems to be the moto of the last few months!

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