May 14 2012

Survived San Juan River Raft Trip

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My brother and I floated the San Juan River last week - a five day trip.  The recovering foot did quite well despite one really scary slip on rocks just under water accompanied by some new pain… Overall, I was able to do a couple of side canyon hikes up to about 6 miles round trip with some good vertical climbing and descending - and even get out on the stand-up paddle board for an hour+ at a go, in the flatter water sections.   I think the SUP is a great rehab exercise for all the foot/calf muscles and for balance & stability.  Overall, I was able to escape the trip with a bit of swelling and soreness - not bad….  Here’s a couple of photos from the hike and SUP (I hadn’t seen a photo of my calves from the back til this one… left one is still really skinny!):



2 Responses to “Survived San Juan River Raft Trip”

  1. Ultrarunning316on 28 May 2012 at 12:58 am

    That’s sweet! Great pics, stoked for you what a great adventure to be able to take part in…You can def see the difference in calves but it doesn’t look weak just smaller. Glad you’re able to hike, I think that’s a pretty good indicator of health…I’ve run a cumulative total of @ 30 miles this last week twice going over 10 miles but all on the treadmill…No problems only a little sore, walked around the Calamari & Clam Chowder Festival in Monterey, Ca w/the Fam today, no problem, yet I was on the golf course the other day and after a few hours of slight up & down and uneven terrain my tendon started to feel a little sore, nothing scary but still felt it…So I think that’s a great thing that you were able to hike out there of all places! Congrats on the great trip!

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