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May 14 2012

Survived San Juan River Raft Trip

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My brother and I floated the San Juan River last week - a five day trip.  The recovering foot did quite well despite one really scary slip on rocks just under water accompanied by some new pain… Overall, I was able to do a couple of side canyon hikes up to about 6 miles round trip with some good vertical climbing and descending - and even get out on the stand-up paddle board for an hour+ at a go, in the flatter water sections.   I think the SUP is a great rehab exercise for all the foot/calf muscles and for balance & stability.  Overall, I was able to escape the trip with a bit of swelling and soreness - not bad….  Here’s a couple of photos from the hike and SUP (I hadn’t seen a photo of my calves from the back til this one… left one is still really skinny!):



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May 04 2012

Ankle Issues at 18 weeks?

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Has anyone out there, in the later stages of recovery/rehab, experienced pain / tightness at the front side of inner ankle bone? For me this is associated with mostly with plantar flexion at the end of my range… and is preventing me from getting a full range in that direction.   To further explain, doing bi-lateral calf raises - I get to a certain point and the pain & tightness in the front of the ankle bone stops me from getting to full extension rather than calf weakness or achilles soreness.    It also crops up sometimes with more intense achilles tendon stretches.  Doc took a 5 second look and said "slightly pronated" &  gave me a lateral heel wedge for my shoe (inside edge, which I am not sure as to whether it is helping or hurting the situation).  PT says stretching the top of the foot by kneeling with toes pointed back and sitting on my heels - which I have been doing religiously as a part of my regimen, but still not seeing progress with the issue.

Frustrating to have everything else going well and being hindered in ROM and the duration that I can be on my feet by a "non-injured" part of the foot!  So wanted to check and see if anyone else has gone through this type of issue…  my inclination is to push through it, but I also don’t want to create new problems in doing so.  Any thoughts or experiences, stretches or strengthening ideas are appreciated.


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