Week 3

After a very low day on the 24th, I gradually got used to the Aircast Boot over the next couple of days, putting slightly more weight on the right foot. Then on the 27th I took the plunge and finally tried putting all my weight on my right foot (through the heel). No explosion of pain! And later that day I hobbled up and down the hallway of our house with no crutches, taking perhaps 30 steps with nothing more than a very slight dull ache in my heel.

Having decided to continue with hyperbaric oxygen treatement, I had already found a local hyperbaric oxygen charity based just north of Ipswich, about 25 minutes drive from home. The previous week I had already had an induction meeting with the "boss lady", and had signed up and paid for 20 sessions (minimum £25 contribution per 1 hour diving session). Their primary focus is on treating MS patients, but they have sufficient capacity to allow other users to make use of the facilities as well.

So during week 3 after my injury, I had three 1 hour "dives" in their chambers.

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