2nd Hospital Outpatient Appointment - 24th May

So, the big day where I hoped to lose my plaster cast and be given a "boot".

Off to the plaster room where my cast was sawn off to reveal a rather horrible sweaty dirty swollen foot.

The nurse brought in an Aircast boot with three wedges in it and proceeded to press my foot down into it. I yelped with pain as a I felt a sensation of tearing flesh in my right heel. She stopped and then said OK, looks like you need 4 wedges then. I asked to speak to the doctor (since it didn’t seem like I was even going to get a chance to do this without demanding it!).

The doctor came and felt my leg and did another Thompson test. I asked my question about how he knew that the tendon ends were close enough together to start healing, and he assured me he could do this just by feeling my leg.

So, back to the nurse and into the Aircast boot with 4 wedges, this time with only a little pain rather than a ripping sensation.

I was told that I could weight bear on the boot straight away. I should remove a wedge every 2 weeks, and then 2 weeks after removing the final wedge I would have a follow up appointment with the physiotherapy department to explain the "rehabilitation process".

I was given a copy of the short single page "Primary Achilles rupture regime" document produced by Colchester Hospital University. It said barely any more than what I’ve already written above.

Having been assured that I could weight bear straight away, I actually found this impossible to do, and hobbled out of the hospital using my crutches pretty much as before. The boot was heavier than the plaster cast, hot and heavy. I came home feeling very despondent that the boot actually felt like a backwards step, rather than the step forward that I had hoped and anticipated!

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