Week 4

At the start of this week I took delivery of a Vacoped boot. I’d dithered for days about whether to pay personally for the upgrade from the Aircast boot provided by my local NHS hospital, but in the end, based on lots of reading at Achilles Blog, I’d decided it probably made sense for several [...]

Week 3

After a very low day on the 24th, I gradually got used to the Aircast Boot over the next couple of days, putting slightly more weight on the right foot. Then on the 27th I took the plunge and finally tried putting all my weight on my right foot (through the heel). No explosion of [...]

2nd Hospital Outpatient Appointment - 24th May

So, the big day where I hoped to lose my plaster cast and be given a "boot".
Off to the plaster room where my cast was sawn off to reveal a rather horrible sweaty dirty swollen foot.
The nurse brought in an Aircast boot with three wedges in it and proceeded to press my foot down into [...]