Week Two … & my first hyperbaric oxygen session

Having read some stuff on AchillesBlog about different size tendon gaps after rupture, I spent a lot of the week worrying about whether and how the doctor had assessed the size of my gap, and whether my snapped tendon ends were now "touching" and therefore able to start re-connecting. Something to ask at my next Outpatient appointment…

In the meantime, knowing a little about hyperbaric oxygen (due to both my parents having used it for various conditions in the past), I did some googling and found this interesting research paper from 2012:


Seems that hyperbaric oxygen helped quite a lot with achilles tendon repair in white rats, so perhaps it would help me too!

Now it so happens that my father has his own personal hyperbaric oxygen chamber in his garage (it’s a long story…!), so when I visited him for a couple of days I took the opportunity to try a couple of 1 hour sessions "diving" to 33ft depth and breathing pure oxygen through a mask at 2 ATA pressure.

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