Tendon Snap Day - 9th May

I’d planned a tennis game on the morning of 9th May, but then scheduled a second game for the evening (something I’d never done before, and probably won’t ever again!).

About 20 minutes into the game, when lunging forward from the service line, my right leg didn’t move forwards with the rest of my body…and I ended up in a heap on the ground with a couple of choice swear words.

The initial stab of pain faded almost immediately, but I had an immediate sense that something pretty catastrophic had happened. Five minutes later, when I gingerly tried to get up and stand on both feet, this was confirmed. I felt dizzy and had very little sense of connection between my right foot and the ground.

A few minutes later I hobbled very slowly back to my car in the car park, and gently drove the half mile back to my house.

I put a bag of frozen peas round my ankle and started googling achilles tendon rupture. I didn’t immediately hit on AchillesBlog, but found some NHS and US medical sites that quickly convinced me of my self-diagnosis.

After dinner my wife Sue drove me straight down to Colchester A&E where we joined the estimated 3 hour queue to wait to be seen.

I finally got home 6 hours later just after 3am…

An initial Thompson test by the A&E doctor confirmed a full rupture. I was sent for an X-ray and told afterwards that the result was "good". No time for any better explanation than that - I now assume that "good" means that there was no evidence of any bone fragments having broken off from the heel? After another long wait I was sent to the plaster room and put in a heavy plaster cast with my foot pointing downwards by about 20 degrees from horizontal. I was given a pair of crutches and told I’d be seen again in about a week. Then off home to bed at last.

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