1st Hospital Outpatient Appointment - 17th May

Having checked myself in at a machine terminal (no human receptionist any more!), I only waited a few minutes to be called through to the orthopaedic department. The doctor ran briefly through my case history and gave me the standard spiel about NHS recommending non-surgical treatment because I wasn’t David Beckham and it didn’t make sense to take the (low but potentially serious) risks of undertaking surgery.

I was then sent through to the plaster room to have my cast removed for a brief leg inspection. The high speed circular saw used to cut apart my plaster cast was pretty scary I must say!

Once my leg was out of plaster the doctor did another Thompson test and confirmed the initial A&E assessment of a complete rupture.

I was then re-fitted with a new (slightly lighter weight) cast, with my foot stretched further below the horizontal (probably 30 degrees now, rather than 20 degreees). There was no discussion of whether this was a conscious decision, or just the whim/standard practice of the particular nurse applying the cast…

I was told to expect another appointment in about a week’s time, at which I would be taken out of plaster and fitted with an Aircast boot with heel wedges.

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