Week Two … & my first hyperbaric oxygen session

Having read some stuff on AchillesBlog about different size tendon gaps after rupture, I spent a lot of the week worrying about whether and how the doctor had assessed the size of my gap, and whether my snapped tendon ends were now "touching" and therefore able to start re-connecting. Something to ask at my next [...]

1st Hospital Outpatient Appointment - 17th May

Having checked myself in at a machine terminal (no human receptionist any more!), I only waited a few minutes to be called through to the orthopaedic department. The doctor ran briefly through my case history and gave me the standard spiel about NHS recommending non-surgical treatment because I wasn’t David Beckham and it didn’t make [...]

Week One

On the plus side, I had very little pain in my right leg or ankle.
On the minus side, the plaster cast was heavy, hot and sweaty.
I discovered AchillesBlog and read lots of stuff on here. Gradually became aware of the long road that lay ahead! But also reassuring to start learning more about treatment options [...]

Tendon Snap Day - 9th May

I’d planned a tennis game on the morning of 9th May, but then scheduled a second game for the evening (something I’d never done before, and probably won’t ever again!).
About 20 minutes into the game, when lunging forward from the service line, my right leg didn’t move forwards with the rest of my body…and I [...]