Post recovery 4 years, problems

I made a pretty good recovery and started running again. Its been great for about 4 years now. I managed to get up to about 10-12 miles sometimes which is pretty good for me (late 50’s). However a few months ago the ankle started to ache. Not at the tendon injury site but just generally, sore to the touch after just a few miles. Painful for a day or so after each run. I’ve no idea whats going on. The Achilles feels fine, I can do calf raises at the gym but its like a constant headache pain in my ankle. I’ve tried ice after runs and it helps a little. I’m limping for a day or so and cant get above about 3 miles. Also one more piece of info.. the leg muscles recovered completely except for the muscle on the inside of the leg. It remained thin and undeveloped.

Anyone had similar experience??


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  1. Many ATR patients who had suffered from AT tendinosis find that the trauma of ATR and the recovery cured their tendinosis! Unfortunately, it doesn’t cure anything else, and Stuff Happens. It’s conceivable that your ankle problems somehow relate to your ATR injury, or the long (too long?) immobilization during your rehab. But it’s also likely that it’s unrelated, and could just as easily have happened to the other leg.

    I’d see an expert and have it checked out. Running 3 miles whle you’re limping sounds like asking for trouble.

    The gastroc muscle — the one on the inside (”medial”) of the calf — seems to be the hardest to rebuild and the most likely to stay wimpy. It’s also possible that your healed AT-to-Gastroc length is longer than before. Are your heel raises just as good on the post-ATR side as the other side, or is there (was there) still a deficit? Either way, your current problem may be a running injury that’s unrelated. Or not. Get it checked out. I like sports-medicine clinics for this sort of thing.

  2. I agree with Norm’s suggestion to get it checked out. I don’t know if connected to ATR or not, but I have learned the hard way that nothing good (and usually something bad) comes from running on an injury.

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