Post recovery 4 years, problems

I made a pretty good recovery and started running again. Its been great for about 4 years now. I managed to get up to about 10-12 miles sometimes which is pretty good for me (late 50’s). However a few months ago the ankle started to ache. Not at the tendon injury site but just generally, sore to the touch after just a few miles. Painful for a day or so after each run. I’ve no idea whats going on. The Achilles feels fine, I can do calf raises at the gym but its like a constant headache pain in my ankle. I’ve tried ice after runs and it helps a little. I’m limping for a day or so and cant get above about 3 miles. Also one more piece of info.. the leg muscles recovered completely except for the muscle on the inside of the leg. It remained thin and undeveloped.

Anyone had similar experience??


Hello world!

Hi fellow rupturers. I’m delighted I found this site. This is a very confusing injury. One minute you are playing tennis and the next thing your on the ground. It has been interesting to read all your stories and compare situations. This would be a very lonely process without this extra help.

I’m 5 weeks post Op. Just had cast removed and am now in a boot and PWB. All has gone to plan so far. PWB is a bit confusing as I dont really know how much weight to put down but I’m keeping it really light for now. Physio starts next week so hopefully they’ll give me some good advice.

One item I wanted to ask about was this… (I commented on it in a response to one of your blogs but you probably didnt see it). I’ve read that the statin family of drugs (for cholesterol, lipitor, crestor) are a factor in ATR. If you search the internet with some of these key words you get quite a lot of hits. I was put on crestor 8 months ago and I think thats a bit of a coincidence. If this rings a bell for you please comment. I’m really curious if there is a relationship.