Hello world!

Hello everyone, I’ve noticed that most people on this blog site are from the States but I hope nobody minds someone from Australia joining in….

I ruptured my Achillies Tendon on April 25th playing netball and had surgery on May 7th for a complete repair.   I have only just last week had my cast removed, although it had already been split to allow for ultrasounds as I had blood clots a week after having the cast put on.  Anyway, I’ve been cast free for the last 9 days and after a visit to my surgeon today I’ve been told that I can start to put weight on my foot now and I should be able to get rid of my crutches within a week…  It’s all very scary now and I was wondering if anyone had any handy pointers for this stage as it all seems a little daunting.  I’ve been given a support to put in my shoes but it seems to not fit in the shoes and is really uncomfortable… If anyone could help me out that would be great…

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