Another tennis victim :)

Hello everyone,

My name is Oswald, I’m from Portugal and I’m 40 years old. Forgive my bad English: it is not my native language, but I hope you can understand me.

First of all, congratulations for this superb site ! My rupture happened 2 months ago but unfortunately I was not able to find it until today.  I’m absolutely delighted reading the useful information in this site.

Well, I guess it’s time to write about my rupture: I was playing tennis for about one hour when I heard a loud “POP”.  For some miliseconds I thought that it was the rackect breaking,  but the pain in my left leg quickly made me change that diagnostic. :)

I went to a public hospital (here the public health care is universal) and after the Thompson’s test the verdict was: “total rupture of the Achilles tendon”. The doctor told me that I needed surgery and a long, long rehab.

I went to surgery the next day. The surgery was very quick: about one hour.  After the surgery, I regained consciousness surprisingly quickly and the pain was moderate. I was in the hospital for 5 days, then I went home.

I was told that I should wear a hard cast for six weeks, but I had it for seven long weeks. 2 weeks ago I finaly had the cast removed. My foot was awful: full of dead skin.

I started the Physical Therapy last week, but I feel that something’s wrong. In fact, I cannot make a 90 degree angle with my foot. For example, if I try to put the foot on the floor, only the fingers touch the floor, even if I put some pressure on it.

I feel my muscles and tendons streched to the maximum, but the foot simply does not bend. Anyone had the same probelm ?

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  1. hi oswald i come from grece so my english is bad too but i would like share my expierience .and perhaps i help a ryptyre it happened on 27 febryary this year doctor recommended the non surgical method.he put the leg in plaster cast for 5 weeks.the point is that when doctor removed the cast the leg was like yours whithaut rom.i began PT unti now.thhe progress came step by step.youare ithe begging .dont takes me about 2months to walk with a little tendons and myscles are yet tight but day by day i feel better .if you have the possibility go swimmiing it helps a patient.good racovery.

  2. Hi Oswald,

    Sorry to hear your story. Every one of us is different in our recovery. Do not get too worried talk to your doctor or physio. I still cannot raise up onto my toes with my bad leg and that does not seem to concern physio.

    Keep well eat healthily and rest as much as possible.


  3. Welcome Oswald!

    Your English is terrific! :)

    I started to make a lot more progress when I increased the number of exercises I did at home (in between the Physical Therapy twice a week). One exercise that really helped me get to 90 degrees was (while sitting) slowly try to move my foot back toward my chair. It stretched the Achilles a lot and I noticed more progress every time I did / do that.

    As Annie said, everyone of us is different. Keep talking to your PT and doctor. One day at a time…

  4. hi oswald …good that ur leg is out of cast. i’m from india n recvering from right ATR surgery was performed on 18th june……………i can suggest you one thing start wearing high heel shoes you feel comfortable with it n slowly reduce the hieght of the heel as time passes that way you would be able to have a nice n less pain full recovery till you be able to wear flat shoes or sandals keep on reducing the height of heel…..take care buddy

  5. Thanks everyone for your kind words

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