Finally I see some progress

Hi everyone,
After 3 weeks of PT, yesterday I achieved an important milestone. After a hard session of PT I was finally able to put my heel on the floor, making an 90 degrees angle between the leg and the foot. When I took my cast off, the distance between the heel and the floor was [...]

Status after the first week of PT

Hi all, greetings from Portugal,
After the first week of physical therapy I feel that the muscles of the foot and leg are getting better. I’m doing PT everyday and the pool and exercises are really helpful.
However, I still can’t bend the foot in a 90º degree angle. It’s going to be a looonnnggggg rehab… maybe [...]

Another tennis victim :)

Hello everyone,
My name is Oswald, I’m from Portugal and I’m 40 years old. Forgive my bad English: it is not my native language, but I hope you can understand me.
First of all, congratulations for this superb site ! My rupture happened 2 months ago but unfortunately I was not able to find it until today.  [...]