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Month 7 Update: Discharged from PT

11/24/2015 · 1 Comment

This might be my last post to this blog.

I’m just over 7 months post-op, and had my last PT appointment this morning. My “graduation” was bittersweet. I would happily keep going to see “Punisher Jim” if my insurance would cover it, but alas, they only cover a set amount of appointments. It is nice to get past one more milestone, even if my Achilles only feels 85% recovered. He actually had my do one-legged heel raises as high as I could, and I measured 12 cm with the right (good) side, and 6 cm with the injured left side - half as high.

I can’t sprint or jump yet, but I do some of Brady Browne’s agility drills every other day, along with two-legged heel raises. Twice a week, I’ll do body-weight CrossFit-style metabolic conditioning workouts, and twice a week, I’ll join an hour-long yoga class. I try to hike, golf, or stand-up paddle board once a week, and managed to jog 50 meters very slowly and carefully at the beach this weekend.

In addition to being weak, my Achilles is still sore and tight, at times. I gained some weight during my down time… and it wasn’t all muscle. Part of the problem was not being mobile, the other part was junk food. My goal for the next year is to lose 2 lbs per month, and if my body allows, transition from weight training to outdoor running as my primary means of conditioning.

Happy healing, everyone!

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