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Week 16 update: One step backwards, two steps forward?

August 25th, 2015 · 1 Comment

Month four. My PT had me take a break in my rehab exercises this weekend, to let my calf and Achilles *ahem* heal. I had been doing cable walkthroughs and eccentric calf raises every day as prescribed, which was strengthening my foot and calf, but also causing burning and edemas at my surgery reattachment site. It was tough to press pause on my progress, but “Punisher Jim” convinced me that it would be worth it in the long run. During the four days off, my Achilles tightened up and my limp got worse, but the swelling did subside (somewhat), so I am resuming my PT exercises every OTHER day.

Some good karma finally came my way this weekend. I went to a Padres baseball game, and my money clip with $250 fell out of my pocket while leaving the stadium. Upon discovering this late at night after returning home, I drove all the way back downtown and retraced my steps, to no avail. The stadium was closed, but the lost and found returned my voicemail the next morning, saying someone had turned it in with all of the cash. My faith in the universe is (somewhat) restored! (I’m still cursing this darn injury, though.)

Although I was on a break from resisted exercises, the game was the most walking I’ve done since my injury. The surgical repair is healing short, with good tension (supposed to be better for athletic performance), and my calf is still too weak to walk without a burning feeling and a limp. To avoid overstretching my Achilles, I go at half speed with half length strides. One trick that’s come in handy is to use a cane, giving others a visual cue to walk around me, hold doors, and/or cut me some slack.

Since ice packs take a while to get cold again, and others had reported good results with it, I splurged on my fourth ice pack. The Elasto Gel ankle wrap is more expensive than my Mueller ankle wrap and Runner’s Remedy icing sleeve, but worth every penny, as it envelopes the foot AND ankle, and stays cold longer.

Happy healing, everyone!

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