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Week 15 Update: Checking the boxes

August 18th, 2015 · 1 Comment

Knock on wood: I have checked off all of my conservatively-planned milestones early so far. I reached FWB without crutches at week 8, started taking my daughter to daycare at week 9.5, and was 2-shoes outside at week 12. I still generally avoid longer strolls, but can at least tolerate going to the mall, a ballgame, or social events… if I’m feeling up for it.

There’s still lots of swelling, especially if I’m on my feet or walk long distances, but the pain has diluted down to tightness, burning, and mild frustration from not being able to walk at a normal walking pace, or with a normal gait. This is of course nothing compared to the physical, emotional, and mental agony of those first few weeks post-ATR. My brain has done a pretty good blocking that phase of the recovery out of my memory, which I am just fine with. Ice, compression, and good footwear helps.

So what’s next on the agenda? I’m currently approaching month 4, and am still working towards my next goal (month 5 - lose the limp). My calf strength improves every day, but my PT, Punisher Jim, says I need to be able to do a single foot heel raise before I can walk normally again.

The summer weather in San Diego has been great this August, so I may try and go for a super slow walk on the beach this weekend, if I can muster the courage. More to follow…

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