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Week 13.5 update: Swelling + supplements

August 9th, 2015 · 3 Comments

I went to a friend’s birthday brunch at a bar this morning, and had to walk quarter mile or so to get there because of limited street parking. Combined with the heel raises and pool walking I did today, my tendon is pretty swollen, even after icing and compression. The gait continues to improve as slowly as my walking pace.

I’m pretty sure my diet of fast food and frozen pizza isn’t so great for healing, so I searched online for any nutritional supplementation that might help with tendon healing specifically. I suspect a lot of people on here, including myself, are lost due to a lack of guidance from their OS and PT. Here’s a University of Maryland Medical Center article I found that appears legitimate. After reading this, I bought 3 bottles of a Bromelain-Turmeric-Boswellia joint supplement to augment my daily placebo of Glucosamine HCI MSM, Vitamin C, Calcium Mg, fish oil, and multivitamin. Hey, it can’t hurt, right? I’ve also been taking Supper Cissus and eating jello based on another Achilles blogger’s advice, but have found no scientific support that either of these helps heal tendons, just anecdotal reports.

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