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Week 13 update: 2-shoes!

August 4th, 2015 · 1 Comment

Mission complete! Well, not really. Mornings and inclines are painful, my strides are half as long / fast as normal, my wife describes my gait as “awkward,” and sports are at least six months away. But I ditched the boot once and for all last Friday!

I remember when I first joined this site and filled out my Achilles profile, 2-shoes seemed so far away and unattainable. As with many obstacles in life, it felt like it took forever to get to this point, but the memories of pain and patience fade in your rear-view mirror. My advice to you new rupturees is to force yourself to keep a positive mindset, be effusively and repeatedly thankful for whoever’s taking care of you, and have faith that you will be a better, stronger person on the other end of this. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, seated yoga, upper body exercise, and rejoining society by gradually going outdoors and spending time with friends and family (within reason) were essential for my recovery.

If anyone’s needing some physical therapy motivation, here’s the all-time greatest training montage from Rocky IV. Just don’t jump rope or sprint up a mountain without your therapist’s permission.

Happy healing, everyone, and hang in there!

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