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Week 10 update: Weaning off the boot

07/17/2015 · 7 Comments

I had a double whammy this morning - PT, followed by my week 10 OS follow-up. I tried some light reps on the leg press machine, with a 3/4″ raised heel. It felt great to perform a (very lightly) resisted squatting motion without my boot. 11 weeks ago I was squatting 285 lbs! Hopefully, I can work my way back to that.

My healing has been devoid of any setbacks thus far, which I attribute to our conservative post-op approach. Doc said to wean off the boot in the next two weeks. My plan this week is to transition to the Vaco rocker sole, and continue my daily pool walks at progressively shallower depths until I am comfortable in the very shallow end (3 ft depth). Next week, I’ll incorporate walking around the house into my daily exercise routine.

Happy healing, everybody!

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  • edhdez // Jul 17th 2015 at 2:17 pm

    Hey Oscillot! Now that you remind me of the ability of getting the VACO in water, I’m just starting PWB 25%, what exercises were you able to do in the pool with the boot on, or is it just floating around with it? Also, since I have to walk to the pool and to my apartment and only have one liner, is it ok to walk with the line wet for some time? Thanks my friend, glad to hear of your progress, you are on your way!!!!

  • bobfv // Jul 17th 2015 at 2:25 pm

    Congrats oscillot! I am weaning too. I plan to go to a baseball game Sunday (Nationals vs Dodgers) in a pair of 8inch high tactical side-zip boots. The last couple of games I went in the Aircast boot and sat in the handicapped section.

  • oscillot // Jul 17th 2015 at 11:33 pm

    Hey, Ed. I warm up in the pool with underwater handstand walks and snorkeling, before swimming five or six 100m swims with 20 secs of rest in between. To cool down, I’ll go in chest-deep water, take the boot off, do some ROM, then walk the width of the pool 5-10x.

    When you get out of the pool, your boot liner will be saturated and very heavy. Try not to let the boot stretch out your Achilles and ankle. I stand by the handrail, letting it drain for 5 secs or so before shuffling on the pool deck with short strides.

    You can take the beanbag out and wring out the liner, but I strongly recommend two additional liners so you can have a dry one waiting, and go more than a day without doing laundry.

  • oscillot // Jul 17th 2015 at 11:37 pm

    Bob, that’s awesome (the weaning and the game). Do you feel like a soldier when wearing your tactical boots?

    I’ve been wanting to take advantage of the handicapped section at the ballpark, but am hesitant to walk the distance from the parking lot to our seats. The Padres stink anyways. =P

    I’m a huge Harper and Strasburg (SDSU) fan. Hopefully the Nats can make a go of it this year.

  • bobfv // Jul 18th 2015 at 5:06 am

    oscillot - the last time I went to a game in San Diego it was at Jack Murphy Stadium and I lived in Murphy Canyon/Tierra Santa! I am reconsidering wearing my “Army boots” to the game tomorrow because last night I was walking at home in two shoes and I slipped and dorsiflexed about 20 degrees and it hurt like hell - I am fine (Thompson test okay) but this morning I am having calf spasms and soreness so I am skipping the gym and icing. Strasburg is a great talent, we hope he gets well in the second half - still upset about his pitch count shutdown in the playoffs in 2012!

  • ejbvmi // Jul 18th 2015 at 6:51 am

    i look forward to monitoring your transition to two shoes, oscillot. I hope to start the transition in a couple weeks, and any intel will be most appreciated! Congrats!

  • lynnie // Jul 18th 2015 at 1:18 pm

    I went to the Dodger game last week in my boot at 9 weeks. the handicapped parking section was full but still parked closer than usual. I bought tickets right inside the gate for a shorter walk. Way less walking than usual but it was a fun night. I had lots and lots of swelling of course. Now yesterday, at 10 weeks, 1st day in 2 shoes (actually I was barefoot) and had to run and leap to save a tumbling toddler from falling downstairs. Not good. She was fine, I however have random swelling in the achilles and my whole foot swelled. I hear cowboy boots are good for 2 shoes too.

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