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Week 10 update: Weaning off the boot

July 17th, 2015 · 7 Comments

I had a double whammy this morning - PT, followed by my week 10 OS follow-up. I tried some light reps on the leg press machine, with a 3/4″ raised heel. It felt great to perform a (very lightly) resisted squatting motion without my boot. 11 weeks ago I was squatting 285 lbs! Hopefully, I can work my way back to that.

My healing has been devoid of any setbacks thus far, which I attribute to our conservative post-op approach. Doc said to wean off the boot in the next two weeks. My plan this week is to transition to the Vaco rocker sole, and continue my daily pool walks at progressively shallower depths until I am comfortable in the very shallow end (3 ft depth). Next week, I’ll incorporate walking around the house into my daily exercise routine.

Happy healing, everybody!

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