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Week 9.5: pool walking + big toe stiffness

July 12th, 2015 · 3 Comments

I finally mustered up the courage to try walking in the pool without my boot! Using a mask, snorkel, and the corner of the pool in 5 feet of water (I’m 6′1″), I slipped off my Vaco cast and held onto the edge of the pool for those first slow, tentative steps. After a couple laps of the width (not length) of the pool, I was walking with a normal-looking gait (really short strides, though). My Achilles felt sore afterwards, so I’m only going to do this every other day for now. Hopefully, I can graduate to progressively shallower water depths as I transition to 2-shoes.

Thanks to my Theraband workouts, I’m also confident enough to sleep bootless now. So that’s two milestones in two days.

Did anyone on here experience tightness and a loss of flexibility in their big toe when healing from their ATR? The base of my big toe used to get sore when I was distance running, and my PT says I probably compensated in other ways, contributing to the ATR. Now that I’m walking in the pool and paying particular attention to my gait, I noticed that as my weight transfers from the heel to the balls of my feet, I’m actually jamming my big toe into my foot. This doesn’t happen on my good foot. I’ve also lost a ton of ROM in my big toe while immobilized, which has forced me to shorten my stride. If anyone on here has experienced similar issues, please let me know how you overcame it in the comments.

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