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week 6 update - PWB @ 20 degs

06/19/2015 · 9 Comments

Went to the doctor on Wednesday for my 6 week checkup. The surgical wound had scabbed over and mostly fallen off, except for a square-centimeter chunk by my ankle. To speed up the healing process, my OS carefully removed it with tweezers and scissors. He sanitized the pink skin underneath, put a band-aid on it, and told me to keep an eye out for any sign of infection.

Sadly, he said to hold off on swimming until I see him again in two weeks. By then, the skin should be 100% healed, and I’ll be nearly FWB (full weight bearing).

He had me drop my boot from 30′ (degrees) flexion to 20′. Every two weeks, he wants me to drop it another 10′. I asked if 5′ every week would be better, but he said “no, let’s stick to the protocol.” That’s fine. I’m really in no hurry if going slow will allow me to avoid pain and wait out the timeframe when I’m at my highest re-rupture risk (first four months) from within the security of my turtle-shell boot.

I’m also allowed to start bearing weight on my heel while crutching around. 40 lbs to start, adding 10 lbs every day. I use a scale every morning and night to test what the prescribed weight feels like. Being able to bear weight in your second leg after a long layoff is a pleasant, unexpected treat. It’s a fourth limb to stand on, and provides relief to my painful “good side” Achilles, which has been barkin’!

Every day, I feel a tiny bit stronger. My wife is due to deliver baby #2 in four weeks, and her doc says it could happen as soon as two weeks from now. I should be losing the crutches around then, and regaining the use of my hands. Perfect for holding our new baby girl! =D

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