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06/03/2015 · No Comments

This is my first time using crutches and a knee walker, and have had three nasty falls. Here are some tips I’ve picked up along the way:

  1. When NWB, try standing with the good side’s knee slightly bent and push off using the ball of your foot while crutching / scooting to preserve your good Achilles.
  2. Sit or kneel in chairs when washing by your bathroom and kitchen sinks, and while dressing at your closet and front door, to minimize fatigue.
  3. I choose to scoot up and down stairs on my butt while NWB. A friend suffered a re-rupture when he fell down his stairs.
  4. Keep the wing bolts on your crutches facing backwards, so they don’t get caught in your clothing.
  5. Go slow, and beware of slipping hazards. I went flying after placing a crutch on a non-sticky door mat.
  6. The knee walker is nice to have, but when going over uneven pavement (seams, ramps, warped sections), slow down and use the brakes to “walk” the front wheels over or through the obstacle. Even small seams can stop the walker in its tracks, sending you flying.
  7. Knee walkers aren’t very stable while turning. Try to go over seams in the sidewalk head on, rather than at an angle, for maximum stability.
  8. If falling (mine felt like they were in slow motion), raise your bad foot to the sky to try and prevent it from impacting the ground. Land on your butt or side, and if at all possible, “roll” through your landing rather than crashing down.

If there are other good tips I missed, leave them in the comments!

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