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7 1/2 Weeks Post Injury

Well, it’s been 7 1/2 weeks since I ruptured my Achilles.  I still hope that the non-surgical treatment will be fine in the long run but I still have my doubts.  Needless to say, I am making progress, albeit very slow progress.  I am out of my cast and am still on crutches but I can put my foot flat on the floor and can move it to within a few inches of my left heel while standing up straight.  I can not walk on it yet, but I can put some pressure on it.  It does slow me down quite a bit though and sometimes I find myself picking my foot up to make better progress.  I am still having pain in the middle part of the pad under my toes.  Is this normal? I did end up having an MRI which confirmed that I had a partial where the Achilles meets the calf but it also showed a partial in my heel.  This explains why I was initially having so much pain in my heel.  The pain in my heel is pretty much gone but I still get sore in my upper calf and feel slight and infrequent muscle spasms.  All part of the heeling process I suppose.

Sometimes I just want to scream as I pretty much lost patience on November 5th (a day after my injury).  I still haven’t driven although I think I am very close.  I have gotten extremely good on my crutches.  I even walked around our Bio-Park to see a holiday light display.  People were pretty amazed that I made it around the entire park, but I did.  I didn’t really get tired, just extremely hot!  It is very hard to regulate my body temperature on the crutches so half the time I go around wondering if it is indeed hot or if I am having hot flashes. 

It has been very trying around our household as both me and my oldest daughter are on crutches.  She had a planned surgery (planned before I injured myself) but this doesn’t make it any easier on my husband.  I owe him a day at the spa after everyone is walking again.  I think my daughter will be running circles around me though before I can even do a circle.  I’m prepared for this, but I still think this is going to be mentally tough.  I find myself watching people at calf level, envious and resentful.  Then I take a deep breath and tell myself that I’ll get there.  I’m too optimistic to let myself get down for too long.  This has been a huge test though!

I can’t believe this!

Hi all.  My name is Lisa and I consider myself a fairly active and fit 40 year old.  Anyway, less than a week ago, I was in the middle of a Jazzercise class (yes, Jazzercise) when my mind and body were in conflict as whether to go forward or backward.  I landed funny (trying to go two different directions at the same time) and immediately felt a pop in the middle of my right calf.  I hopped over the the corner as I couldn’t put any pressure on my right foot, and sat down.  I didn’t know what was happening but figured that it couldn’t be good.  I tried icing it and stretching it but since the pain was unbearable, I decided I better get out of there and go to a doctor as soon as possible.  Someone helped me to my car where I called my husband and asked him to meet me at home because I did something bad and needed to go to the doctor ASAP.  I then drove myself home, which in hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have done.  I had to brake with my left foot and had to push my right leg down at my knee just to get going 20 to 25 mph.  Luckily, it was mid morning and there wasn’t too much traffic.

Anyway, by the time I got home, my husband arrived and took me to our orthopedic surgeon, who just happens to be on our speed dial.  (Unfortunately, our family has a history with injuries and my oldest daughter will be completing her second surgery in less than 6 months this December.)  After examining me, he determined that I had a partial tear where the Achilles meets the calf muscle.  He said that I didn’t need surgery and then proceeded to cast me, toes pointed down, and said he’d see me in two weeks.  I had more questions than I asked him, as I was in shock and denial about what had just happened to me.  I found this site and started reading and researching my injury.  I still have questions about whether or not I need surgery.  I’m under the impression that if I do, it should be done within a month of the initial injury, is that correct?  Also, is non-surgical treatment as effective as surgical if I want to return to my previous level of activity?  Further, does anyone know if a partial tear, as high up as I tore mine, a good candidate for surgery anyway? 

It has been reassuring to read that others going through similar situations and having similar issues as I am having.  At first I was worried that my heel was developing a pressure point inside of my cast (and thought I would rip it off myself during that first night) but after reading testimonies, discovered that heel pain is a very common complaint.  I only wish I wasn’t allergic to most medications and could take something a little stronger than a flexeril and a regular tylenol.  Sorry to carry on like this but this is the first time I’ve really just vented about all of this to a bunch of people going through a similar experience.  I’d appreciate any advice anyone wishes to share.