Posted by: onhiatus | August 9, 2012

PT Session #2: Less than 1 cm attached?

Pretty enlightening PT session yesterday since it was the first one where I was FWB and able to actually run through some exercises.  The first session was mostly an evaluation with some take home exercises to try and then due to travel I haven’t been able to get back.

Started with laying on the table on my stomach. The PT massaged the calf muscle through arch of the foot, paying particular attention to my heel.  She explained the heel was super sore those first few steps in the am (& when I first take off the shoes) because the tendon was just getting used to stretching a bit of a different way. It goes away quickly though.   She also noted she was surprised I didn’t have that much swelling and then spent some time along the incision saying I should massage it at least daily to try and help break up the scar tissue.

She also looked up my surgical chart so I could learn more about where the tear was, how bad the tear was, etc. Yikes!  Said it was "substantial" because I had less than 1 centimeter still attached.  So they "stitched all around it" and then had to "secure it to the bone."  Considering that, I’m happy with my progress so far.. and thankful for my doc’s skills (and aggressive approach to recovery).

Exercises came next:  DF, INV, EV stretches, the marble pick-ups with an added INV/EV twist, windhield wipers, some time on the stationary bike, one legged stands, etc. The one legged stand was pretty funny.  You slightly bend the knee and engage your core and if you need to balance you can only use your fingertips to balance against the bar in front of you.  I kept comically swaying to the left but it was so frustrating to compare against the strength of the good leg.  Granted, it’s still early in the recovery process but seeing that much of an imbalance makes you work harder.

Can’t beat the ice time though.  No ice packs- just this awesome chilly boot/cast type thing.


Went to work from PT, wondering whether things would be painful or sore later in the afternoon.  Thankfully, everything felt just as it has been so I hit the pool for another hour or so.  This time I added in actual full-length laps and I can’t explain the feeling of hitting that wall with your leg still feeling strong and in one piece.  Pretty awesome. And since I can’t run, I was trying to make negative splits on the return laps which totally entertained me and kept me from getting bored :-) Followed it up that night working on stretches and marble pickups.

Today (week 9, day 1 since surgery) finally hit the work gym and just did about 15-20 minutes on the bike.  Hoping to hit the pool tonight to relax for PT in the am.


Thats great! It’s a great feeling when you can actually feel yourself getting stronger.

Stay strong!

I like that- marle pick up! I’ll have to include that in my routine. I’m still working towards the day I can get back to the gym. Ended up with more hours at work so no time for swimming either. :( You sound like you’re well on your way! Keep it up!

Keep it up! I am excited for you :)

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