Posted by: onhiatus | August 6, 2012

Awesome First Crutchless Weekend!

I thought taking those first few steps and limping around the house without the crutches was awesome– but nothing prepared me for the sense of freedom that comes with it!

I’m still celebrating that this weekend marks the first time I ran errands by myself in over two months! To anyone else, trips like the grocery store, car wash, dog groomer, taking out the trash, etc. might seem rather routine but when you find yourself suddenly able to get in and out of the car and you can walk down store aisles without your crutches you notice how much your perspective has changed. You are aware of every step you’re taking and grateful at the ability to take each of those steps.  Even things like the ability to pick up a 20 lb bag of dogfood and throw it into the cart seems reason to celebrate.

Have my second PT session this week but now that the one spot on my incision has closed up, I tried out the pool.  Used my crutches on the locker room floors to make sure I didn’t go crashing down thanks to a slick spot but other than that, slow and steady limp it was.

It’s funny how you approach the pool with extreme trepidation, fearful of kicking out or moving your leg the wrong way but your leg surprises you with just how resilient it is.  Have no idea what I should be doing so spent nearly 2 hours swimming and running through my land PT exercises, stretches.

1. noticed that rotation on my left foot/ankle is MUCH better counter-clockwise than clockwise (inner).  Is that typical or some remnant of just being stronger on one side?

2. Also noticed I’m starting to despise the letter “B”- it’s the toughest letter to write with my toe.

3. If anyone has any stretches I should be doing in the water, let me know- I’m planning to make it back there a lot more often.

I also happened to notice they have drop-in water polo practice in the pool each week- wondering how long before I can handle that?  Guessing/ hoping soon?

Ankle feels good after running it around like crazy the past couple of days. I’m used to rocking the nice big cankle at the end of each day now– but the only other thing that’s a little odd is how when you first take off your shoes and step on a hard surface, the heel hurts pretty fierce.  It takes a few minutes to adjust but is that a normal sign, too?

For those of you just starting this process. hang in there!  All that time in the cast and post cast suddenly becomes a blur and you’ll be feeling like your old self again, soon!


Congrats on ditching the walking sticks! Are you still wearing a walking boot or two shoes now?

Hi I’m a couple of weeks behind you so it is great to see progress. Great news! I was feeling a bit low as you mentioned as good as I feel I still can’t do a thing. I hope to ditch the crutches in two weeks!!!! All the best!

@benz- my doc doesn’t believe in the boot so once I came out of the 2nd cast at 6 weeks, it was straight to shoes. Scary! One thing I noticed though is I need the crutch for the first walk across the floor in the am- the heel hurts like crazy and then it soon relaxes. weird.

@pauls - Definitely keep plugging away and keep thinking of the next stage! I imagined how great this would feel but I had no idea! Just listen to your body. It tells you what it is ready for when…

I cannot wait to be running errands again! and it’s only been two weeks … it would be even nice to be able to carry a cup of coffee from the kitchen to the family room *lol*
Congratulations on no crutches!!

Congrats on the progress!! Those crutches are the devil and I can’t wait to hit that milestone.

I too have experienced better rotation counter-clockwise with my left foot/ankle.

Best wishes with your sustained progress!!

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