Posted by: onhiatus | August 3, 2012

Week 8+: First steps!!!

Started this post yesterday am with “It definitely feels like something’s changed & that I’m finally turning a corner or starting a new phase/ chapter in this recovery process” but little did I know what awaited!

Coming out of the cast (6 weeks) I was mentally prepared for the boot. When that didn’t happen and my leg was just free, I’m just now realizing how much I scaled back my activity level. Guess I was fearful of somehow damaging something and having to restart this whole journey.

This week (week 2 post cast removal) I feel a lot more confident. I’ve only had one PT session so far thanks to travel, but my foot feels so much more like a normal foot again!! When I’m sitting in a chair, it rests flat on the ground normally like it used to, it taps to the beat when music comes on, and I can even easily cross my legs left or right without having to think about it or readjust to a stronger side, etc.

Also noticed when I am crutching around, you can tell it’s tired of staying elevated. The calf starts to ache and everything just relaxes and feels so much better when I straighten the leg out and rest the foot on the ground. So I started testing things out, standing at the counters unassisted and even tried standing in the shower for the first time. Amazing how the little victories here are mentally such huge celebratory milestones.

Good doctor’s visit yesterday which gave me enough confidence to try walking for the first time. Came home, dropped the crutches and walked up and down the driveway & front walk! Felt tense after about 5 steps so I used one crutch to make sure I wasn’t doing any damage but then it soon relaxed and I was back to walking!!!!

Tested it out throughout the house in bare feet last night, too. Same thing. I can walk!!!!!

Tried a few spins on the bike and it’s so cool how almost normal the ankle feels. It’s kind of odd that I am walking before I am biking or swimming though. Either way, I’m ready for the next milestone… bring it on!!!

Saw this guy on the street a couple of weeks ago while traveling and had to snap a photo of his shirt. Thought you guys might get a kick out of it, too. Happy healing!



Woohoo! Way to go! I am 1 week and one day behind you. I stood at the counter for the first time today. Working on the nerve to take that first step.
be careful and keep up the good work.

Fantastic news for you. take it easy on bumpy ground and don’t over do it hey….

Looking good, and interesting too considering the protocol with longish time in cast, then into shoes. Critical time now so do take care - looks like you know what you are doing though.

Great work! I am only at week 5 but have been swimming for a couple of weeks. This has helped me greatly as I have been walking in the pool, water up to my shoulders, in effect little load bearing! And swimming actually loosend my ankle a bit!
I have been standing, probably only 60% weight on my bad leg but feeling good! Keep up the good work and progress!

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