Posted by: onhiatus | July 30, 2012

PT Exercises: Requested Pictorials

so far, so good.¬† Maybe it’s my imagination but my ankle is feeling stronger and fairly flexible. I’m going to enjoy this while it lasts because I know as soon as I’m weight bearing and at PT I’m going to be cursing it out again.

Got these 7 exercises at PT last week and per request, including the images here. Also thanks to Old Lady, also adding in the one where you write out the alphabet with your big toe. Curious on your favorites, the hardest, etc.


Just came back from my third PT. I keep waiting for the hammer to drop. I go in they wrap my foot in a nice warm moist pad and towel, offer me a drink and something to read. Five minutes later it’s the same exercises (as yours)with another new one rocking side to side (while sitting)with weight distributed from one foot to another. Wound check, Then electro stimulation, last a massage.
For a 14.95 co-pay it’s like a very cheap trip to the SPA. We all know this will not last. But I’m feeling ready to put some weight on my foot(only a little) NO Pain!!! Yippee!!

The one that I found most challenging, during my first couple of PT sessions, was picking up small objects (like super balls and marbles) with my toes and putting them in a bowl.
I’m not sure if they let you put any weight on your foot at all yet, but I really liked the one where I would stand at a counter, support myself with my hands on the counter and my good foot. Both of my feet were on the floor and I rocked back and forth like I was slow dancing.
At first, I hardly put any weight on that foot. It was mainly to get it used to being on the ground again and to shift my balance.

Joan That’s the one I was trying to explain only difference is that I do it sitting down. Nice visual (slow dancing)

Thanks for the pics - these have come in handy, really appreciate you taking the time to post them :)

Thanks for posting these. I will start to use these myself.

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