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First PT session down.. oh so many more to go

This am, 7 weeks and two days after surgery, had my first PT session. Just came out of the cast (6 weeks) a week ago but am still non weight bearing (& not booted) so I had no idea what to expect.

We spent the first few minutes talking about the injury, how it occurred, the steps of recovery taken so far, and how the leg feels now. Then we tested things out by measuring range of motion.

I asked him for the measurements so I could track progress:

DF:  5 degrees
EV:  10 degrees
PF:  38 degrees
INV: 38 degrees

He said I was doing OK and that the side to side rotationals were good but obviously the flexing the foot up part would take some work.  Have no idea what those numbers mean in scale to normal or how they rate to my good leg since I didn’t get those written on the take home sheet. But with ATR, I’m learning something new each & every day thanks to all of you and this site.

Finally got to see both ankles side-by-side, too:


Guess things look OK. They are just a little concerned about one part of the incision that hasn’t fully healed yet so I have to keep an eye on it.

After all the measurements we started on the exercises (my home study program until I can start putting weight on that leg).

The 7 exercises:

  • Stretch Gastroc sit w/towel
  • Stretch ankle PF sitting
  • AROM ankle DF uni sit
  • AROM ankle DF/PF (elevated ankle pumps)
  • AROM toe flx w/towel
  • PROM ankle inv/ever self
  • PROM ankle PF/DF self

The two pages came with illustrations and explanations on reps & time- let me know if you need more info on them and I can post the pics.

I’m just really excited at having something to work on so I feel I’m moving forward and not just looking at my leg wondering if things were progressing.

The one thing the PT said though is it’s a least a year until I can get back to where I was. Something is better than nothing though so bring on walking so I can get started!


DF is the one that people pay most attention to. For a normal walk, it should be at about 15-20 degrees. I was at 0 when I started PT. After about 13 weeks of PT I was up to 18 degrees.

For most people, recovery is 6-12 months but I notice that you are into Parkour and that might take a little longer to get back into.

A very constructive session, the data you asked for is something to consider for reference, using the base data to measure your progress, I like it :)

I would love to see the pics of the exercises as I am yet to receive my physio appointment it would help me to do more at home while I wait.

Hi there,
sounds good. There is one thing I would question, maybe, why are you completely NWB at 7 weeks? Is this a bit unusual? Have they given you a reason for not being able to PWB?

Thanks @starshep Will start on towards that goal of 15 degrees.. This process has definitely taught me about patience (and how little I have of it!) ;-) Love parkour and was supposed to get my blackbelt in taekwondo this fall so I know they are off the schedule for a while– all I want is to be able to run though. I knew I liked running, just didn’t realize how much sanity it provided, too. At this point, even a nice walk around the block would be nice!

@andrew1971 will post all 7 tomorrow from my work PC. For some reason I can’t post pics from my mac. pretty easy stuff and not too strenuous- but it just feels good to feel like you are doing something.

@sheena no idea. I think he was surprised when I was surprised at no boot so he didn’t offer a lot more info after that. He said nwb for 2 weeks after the cast came off but maybe it was just to transition to a completely free leg and start PT until he checks me again this week? fingers crossed i can test it out this week. Sound like you are jumping right into it and progressing ahead of pace so I’ll have to follow your lead!

Read your comment on my blog. And I have been following your trip very closely. Like you, I did not bring anything to that DR visit thinking I was going to get a boot. I actually panicked when he said no!
You were much braver leaving because I was wheeled out to the car. That first night and two nights after I could not sleep well. Between the bad dreams about re rupture and the horrible feel of the weight on my foot.(only a sheet) I probably got only about an hour or two of sleep. Thank heavens I was able to get an appointment earlier than 2.5 weeks at the local PT office. (My husband an son have been frequent clients (Son hurt himself like you on a wall run in Boston I think they called it Turf Toe)
So far we share the same scar with the bottom portion still raw from being squished in the cast. My first PT was on Wednesday and we did the same things except she added writing the alphabet with my big toe (upper case letters)I forgot to get my original measurement. Was kinda scared sh..less. Not really thinking straight.
Thank goodness my PT is so understanding unlike the surgeon without any bedside manners.
I will post to my blog to keep you updated on my progress. It’s great having someone on the same journey timeline. Just wish we both did not have to take this trip!. Get better and stronger!

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