Posted by: onhiatus | June 27, 2012

My Week 3 Love/Hate Relationship With My Cast

So I’m not a huge fan of these new crutch tips. With my old ones, never even had a near stumble but 5 days in on these new ones and two near wipe-outs on our newly washed & waxed office building lobby floors. Ughh.


Debating whether I’m just more tired & worn out or if the more narrow, less rubbery tips are the culprit. You can compare to my beaten down old ones here .

It’s interesting though with every stumble your heart stops once you realize you’ve gone and caught yourself with your bad leg. And that’s when you realize just how much of a schizophrenic love/hate relationship you have with your cast.

At times you just want to tear the thing off, freeing your leg, and starting to strengthen things so you feel you are actually moving forward and making progress. Then, after your NWB cast makes contact with the floor but you realize you’re Ok, you are immensely thankful it was there & you fear what would have happened had it not been.

This am’s slip was OK I think but since I never had pain when the injury initially occurred, I always second guess whether I actually damaged or re-ruptured things. So hard to tell when you have no access to your calf or tendon.


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I hear you on the crutch tips! I ended up with new crutch tips that every once in a while act like little suction cups. That brief moment when they’re stuck before I here them pop off the floor has me envisioning how to protect my leg if I fall! Life flashes before my eyes… :D

I started giggling reading this because the same thing happens to me when the crutch tip gets stuck at the bottom of heavy doors :-)

Found the problem though. Turns out the new crutch tips aren’t for crutches at all- they are for CANES!!! Yesterday did a side my side comparison slip test with the old and new ones and sure enough, the cane ones just slide! Good grief.

Hi,nice cast and blogg.I do all for a women on crutches.hope your leg are in cast long your slave!have a nice day,see you.

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