Posted by: onhiatus | June 14, 2012

Rest Days & Is this Stinging Normal?

It’s amazing how much even the smallest activities like doing laundry or emptying the dishwasher can easily drain you. Just like you need rest days with running, I’m learning you definitely need to factor in recovery with ATR recovery too.

Promised to help lead a blind runner around to a couple of local running stores on Thursday to help promote a fall 5k. Figured I could still make it on crutches so assured them I was still in…..but after my first day back to work the day before, I knew I’d have to bank some recovery time first.

Took the day off to relax and keep my leg elevated but the stinging in my leg is starting to really get annoying. Is that normal? Is it the tendon healing or something with the stitches (they come out in 5 days)? Feels like 10,000 bees are stinging you in the back of the ankle simultaneously & then when you rest it, you rest it right on the back where the stitches are so more stinging. Then j ust when it stops, you relax and then your leg twitches and the spasm starts more stinging. Ugh.

Made it to the hotel to pick up the runner and hilarious how he knew I was coming down the hall by the clickity clack of my crutches. Wow..maybe I can spend the next month with these things working on my echolocation skills. If you thought maneuvering with crutches was a challenge, try doing it with a guy gripped on your right elbow and shoulder at the same time. Pretty cool in that it totally teaches you situational awareness though. You really become aware of every curb, ramp, step, etc. He noted that before I could even tell him about a step or stop we were about to take, he could sense the change in my body/crutch motion first.

But how pathetically sad is this? This is me watching all the runners head off on their Thursday night fun run & enviously eyeballing all the shoes I won’t be wearing for any time in the near future.

running store

Put some definite miles in tonight though so knew I would pay for it but felt good to be kind of getting in some form of a workout of sorts.

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