Foot wear

Ok I have been in two shoes without a boot since 6 weeks. This last week I have been almost totally fwb. It’s only later in the day when the swelling is huge that I revert to both crutches. For my showers I use beach shoes and two days ago I found my old Teva [...]

Having actual dreams of walking

I have been dreaming sometime each night of walking. The dreams are so real I’m afraid I may actually try so I have the wheel chair blocking my way before I get up and do some damage.
Having a good surgeon is about 90% of the battle. Having a good surgeon with a good bedside manner [...]

I thought I was talking to Freddy Cruger!

Had my cast removed today. Did my homework and brought all of the info to order a vaco boot. The nurse removed the cast and the doctor came in and evaluated my incision, and ROM. I Had my husband with me all set to help me insist on my choice of boots. Then the sinister [...]

Boot Questions???

5 more days and the cast is off replaced by the boot!! Now my questions- just how safe is the boot? Can I go to the beach when I am fwb? Will it protect me from stepping on uneven ground where my heel may go down ripping my AT?
Will I become a person always looking [...]

I Did it!

New mile stone, I made it up the stairs for the first time in 5 weeks. I went up with the crutches but kinda freaked out going down so I used my bum. Still NWB but that will change in 10 days. I hate this cast and can’t wait to get my boot.
I can also [...]

catching up

My operation went well. I woke up in recover in lots of pain and was given several units of Morphine. The doctor kept me in the hospital for an extra day and the nurses kept the pain meds coming every 4 hours. PT came in and showed me ho use crutches and a walker. Three [...]

The Begining…

yup we old ladies can also rupture our Achilles Tendon. Maybe not as dramatic as a field goal or spectacular sports move, but for me it was a stupid move of tipping over a chair while reaching for an object on a shelve above my closet. And to top it off it was an office [...]