Having actual dreams of walking

I have been dreaming sometime each night of walking. The dreams are so real I’m afraid I may actually try so I have the wheel chair blocking my way before I get up and do some damage.

Having a good surgeon is about 90% of the battle. Having a good surgeon with a good bedside manner is priceless. Thank goodness most of our PT are the ones that work with us and take us from quivering wusses to our old selves.
I have had three sessions and I can’t believe the ROM and confidence I have already achieved. I still may pick up a boot to protect me from the dangers outside but right now I am still using the wheel chair when on uneven ground outside.
I love the massages and the electo stimulation. I have noticed a big difference in the swelling. The bottom of my scar is now straight,(the last half inch near the heel) There are some dimples but before it was in the shape of a a squished together letter c. When it let go I could feel a stinging like the doctor was removing stitches.
Onhiatus and I seem to be on the same Pt exercises. please visit her site she has a very good list of the things we are working on. each time they seem to increase the reps and add one or two more activities.
Hope everyone is in good spirits. Stay Healthy Everyone.

3 Responses to “Having actual dreams of walking”

  1. Hang in there oldlady!! It gets better, and quite rapidly!

  2. I used to dream about running and I would wake up and say to myself, “Wow that felt really good.”. Enjoy the dreams because they will come true soon. I promise.

  3. It’s so funny because we are definitely on the same path. I’ve finally started standing on two legs (shh.. don’t tell my doctor) and playing with testing it out…. and it feels like walking is just around the corner, too!

    Only one PT session under my belt but looking forward to the electo stimulation/massage stuff that everyone’s talking about….

    awesome job on the speedy recovery!

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