I thought I was talking to Freddy Cruger!

Had my cast removed today. Did my homework and brought all of the info to order a vaco boot. The nurse removed the cast and the doctor came in and evaluated my incision, and ROM. I Had my husband with me all set to help me insist on my choice of boots. Then the sinister smile and he said ok see me in 4 weeks. I asked ok what boot do you recommend and he cackled-no boot. I freaked out even begged and he firmly said no. my foot could flex to a little over 90 degrees and he said what do you want a club foot. He scheduled PT for three times a week as soon as possible. The nurse called around and got an appointment for 2 !/2 weeks from tomorrow. When I got into the waiting room I called our local PT that treated our family in the past and the head PT said come in on Wednesday- I will take care of you. So here I sit giving the evil eye to the cats. Everyone better stay away. I guess there goes my beach days for this summer. Can you believe it I have read about only three people on this blog who went from cast to boot and here I am entering into their little group. Ughhh!

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  1. Hi there,
    I didn’t have the op so I can’t really compare our ATR’s but that does sound scary. Lots of people wear hiking boots when they come out of the boot and go into shoes. I would wear something like that. Not great weather for a hiking boot but it’s not great wearing an aircast boot either. I take my boot off as much as I can at the moment with this glorious weather.

  2. I’m missing something. He can’t have casted you, or you couldn’t get PT. So he left you in 2 shoes? That’s quick at <6 weeks, but not unheard-of. Are you PWB moving toward FWB “as tolerated”? Obviously, Watch Your Step, because you’re as vulnerable as you probably feel.

    What’s the rationale for fearing a boot, and how could a boot lead to Club Foot? Beats me, but then I’m not an MD…

  3. Thanks for the advice Sheena!
    Norm I guess I was so upset I did not explain very well.
    At the office they removed my cast (had it on for four weeks) and then the doctor sent me on my way saying a boot would make my foot useless because I would never get any range of motion. Hence the crack that I would end up with a useless “club foot” I gave him the info on the vaco boot having rom and a so forth and he was totally against a boot of any kind he said.
    I’m waiting till tomorrow to see what the PT has to say. I’m thinking I just may order a boot myself but I am afraid I may do more harm than good with settings and whatever protocol is needed. In the house and AT pt i would be bootless but I need to feel safe outside.(Live on a farm) At this rate I will be house bound or in a wheel chair more than working my AT. (Bone spur in other foot)

  4. Hi

    Maybe I’ve missed it but how come you are at 11 weeks since ATR, but only 6 weeks since treatment began? Sorry if you’ve already explained.

    As for your doctor, his prejudice against ‘the boot’ and his apparent ignorance of how the rehab should work, is extreme and surely deserves to be questioned. Maybe he’s a genius in disguise, about to release the latest ‘best practice’ recovery protocol.

    Will be interesting to get your PT’s views - some PTs seem to be more pragmatic and up-to-date than their often brusque colleagues. The medics should be seeking to minimise risk at the same time providing their customers, the patients, with a high quality, sustainable repair over an appropriate time period - and much has been written here about that, and boots too of course. We may not be medics, but we are not ignorant.

    Rant over. I was going to stop responding altogether but then I went and read your blog!

    You’ll be fine of course - just take care.

  5. Hillie I was misdiagnosed by the er.They took x-rays and said it was just a bad sprain and would get worse before it got better. A month later it was not better and I could not push off my right toes. So I went to the Or-tho surgeons and after waiting for the insurance to ok an MRI Then waiting for an appointment it was off to surgery a month and a half later,

  6. old lady - I completely relate! My cast came off at 6 weeks and I was ready for the boot Asked the doc some questions about it and he responded like your doc- no boot so that I could get better ROM quicker. he was surprised I didn’t bring 2 shoes to the appointment; I was surprised I wasn’t getting a boot! That walk from the table to the front desk/reception area was possibly the slowest, longest walk of my life!!

    My follow-up is a lot sooner. He said in 2 weeks (nwb during those 2 weeks) so next week I’ll see what awaits.. How are you doing one week later?

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