Boot Questions???

5 more days and the cast is off replaced by the boot!! Now my questions- just how safe is the boot? Can I go to the beach when I am fwb? Will it protect me from stepping on uneven ground where my heel may go down ripping my AT?
Will I become a person always looking at my feet?
I live in the ocean State (Rhode Island)and If I have to take it easy (especially in this hot humid weather) I would love to spend it at the beach. Do I have a chance?

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  1. Hi, I also live by the beach but on the West coast. I have been down to the beach but stayed on the boardwalk. I still have steristrips on my wound and I was fearful of getting sand in my boot that would really rub and make me sore. I only have the basic air cast but I feel secure in it and I do not feel I could step and tear the AT. So I think you could do it. Enjoy!

  2. Hi Curlygirl,

    I would give yourself a few weeks to get comfortable walking with a normal gait FWB in the boot before you try walking with the boot in sand.

    My boot protected me very well at weeks 10-12 walking on really uneven, cobblestoned streets during a 2 week vacation in Spain. I even ventured out in the sand a few times in bare feet without the boot - walking very slow and being very careful of course! Not recommending that for anyone else due to the risks, but it sure felt good!

    Getting out of the cast has to be the best milestone to reach on our rehabs! Enjoy!


  3. Hi Oldlady, my response was meant for you, as well as Curlygirl :) Enjoy walking on the beach in your boots!

  4. I’ve been in a boot for the past 4 weeks, since coming out of a cast. Just for the record, it’s an “Anklzer ii” by Bird & Cronin. You can google it, if you want to visualize the beast.
    For the first 3 weeks that I was in it, I was fully NWB, but allowed to ‘balance’ on it. For the past week, I’ve been FWB, which is such a relief ! Here’s a bit of what I’ve discovered about ‘the boot’ along the way, in case you’re interested, or you find it useful. I wasn’t given any advice on fitting/comfort etc, I was simply told to get on with it, and to keep it on 24×7…..
    Fitting the boot/comfort: There are 3 fully removeable velcro straps for the leg part, and 2 permanent ones across the foot. It took me a while to notice that the leg ones are numbered (and of 3 different lengths). I found that it’s best to avoid putting the bottom one too low and too tight, as it mine cut into the back of my ankle (right smack onto my poor old recovering achilles, feeling like it was stretching it !) when it was attached too far down. The boot material is too soft (made of sponge) to stop the strap pulling hard into the back of the ankle, especially when moving around. I therefore put the 3 straps on more or less right next to each other, working from the very top down. That way, you can get the boot nice and firn, to stop and ankle flexing etc.
    At night: I loosen all of the straps somewhat. The boot is excellent at stopping ankle-flex, and for long quiet periods, I’ve found that unless the straps are loosened, it gradually causes aches and pinches etc. For me, loosening them off has caused no problems at all in terms of risk.
    Comfort: I wear an elastic sock that covers from just behind my toes to knee. This has also helped, in the earlier stages, with compression and swelling reduction, especially when I’ve been up and about for long periods. I travelled from New Zealand to the UK on the day that the boot was fitted (and back again 18 days later), and the elastic sock/compression was invaluable then, especially when elevation was impossible for long periods.
    Hygiene: I don’t understand why this boot comes without any sole-covers, especially as it’s supposed to be work in bed. Maybe other boot types do ? If I’m out and about, and it’s wet etc, then I simply put a plastic bag over the boot, and tie it on with the top velcro strap. For showering, I invested in one of those jumbo-condom type things. The best one that I found is made of strong plastic, and it has a firm plastic ring with rubber seal to go onto the thigh area. It’s quick and easy to put on and remove, it doesn’t leak at all, it’s very resilient (and guaranteed) against tearing, especially when dragging it past those metal fastenings that the velcro straps go through. Totally waterproof. I can post the make (made in USA I think) if anyone wants to know what it is,
    Safety in boot: The sole is ribbed, but it isn’t particularly sticky and stable when used on wet smooth tiles. Be very careful. I’ve found the ankle support to be excellent. I’ve had 3 significant slips (potentially life-changing ones !) on crutches whilst I’ve been wearing the boot. The worst one was falling backwards on a stair, which resulted in my bad foot going down very hard, backwards onto a lower step. A movement that would have definitely re-ruptured my achilles had the boot not been there. It certailny saved me that day !
    So, that’s about it boot-wise. I look on the whole recovery thing like a strange game of snakes and ladders; hit a wrong spot and you’re back to square one, or nearby. Patience is the name of the game. I’ve read a lot on this excellent site, and there’s a lot of variability between folks in terms of injury types, age, fitness, physiology, prescribed agressiveness of re-hab and physio, wilingess to push it or risk it, and so on. The key is that however you tackle it, be very careful and be patient…..All of the very best for a successful (and one-way) recovery !

  5. Hi! I look forward to the day I hit the beach too! Since I am still healing my open wound I can not endure going to the beach and not being able to get in the water or being able to surf. So summer had brought other activities my way. patiently waitng a beach day!

  6. Wanted to add my 2 cents.. I was put in a boot at week 2 and told to WBAT. it took me up until now (about 6 weeks) to walk without crutches and still use them from time to time. I was under the impression that I could just start walking in the boot right away.. for me, that wasnt the case. As far as the beach I would second what others have said about feeling comfortable in the boot/uneven surfaces first then go for it! Congrats

  7. Wow- OldLady! Just stopped by to catch up on things and you are from Rhode Island??? I grew up in N Smithfield! It truly is a small world!

    This post seems fantastic now, looking back. Oh, dreams of the boot ;-)

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