catching up

My operation went well. I woke up in recover in lots of pain and was given several units of Morphine. The doctor kept me in the hospital for an extra day and the nurses kept the pain meds coming every 4 hours. PT came in and showed me ho use crutches and a walker. Three days after being home I had to get a wheel chair because I hurt my good foot putting all of that extra weight on it. I guess I always had heel spurs and the extra use helped to inflame the whole area.
Two weeks post-op I had my stitches removed and a new cast put on for four more weeks.
If you think your cast is too tight do not suffer in silence. For three days I waited for the pain and tingling to go away, finally I gave up and called the doctor. twenty minutes later I was in the office and they said the swelling was what was hurting me and they cut the cast in two and wrapped it with an ace wrap. Ahh relief!
It is July 10 and I have a week and a half to go before they put me in a boot. I hope I’m partial or full weight bearing. This staying home with my foot up is really getting to me. Curlygirl I was so jealous to see you are now in a boot. I can’t wait to follow in your footsteps. We share the same surgery date.

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  1. hi,

    you will get there before you know it!

    I have been in my boot for 4 days partial weight bearing and had my first PT this morning. The massage they gave my leg was heavenly.I have home exercises to do as well. keep us posted on your progress.

    happy healing

  2. Hi there,
    are you in the UK or the US?

  3. Sheena,

    Do you mean me or old lady? I am from London living now in San Diego and I believe old lady is from the US.

  4. I know there’s a Tiverton in Ontario, and probably one in UK. Maybe the US, too. So where ARE you, OL?

  5. I’m on the east coast of US. Your right ,Tiverton can be found in Ontario, UK and here in Rhode Island. I work at a ski resort and it’s great watching our guest eyes light up when they think I am from or live near their home. I think I will make that one of the things I can plan on visiting after this ATR phase of my life.
    Be Healthy My Friends!

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