The Begining…

yup we old ladies can also rupture our Achilles Tendon. Maybe not as dramatic as a field goal or spectacular sports move, but for me it was a stupid move of tipping over a chair while reaching for an object on a shelve above my closet. And to top it off it was an office chair on wheels. My accident happened on May 8th. I had enough time in my head to evaluate my landing - should I hang on to the shelf as the chair was tipping or land on the floor? I chose to land because I was wearing sneakers and both feet were going down together so basically in was a jump. (Funny how all this thinking happened in less than a second) As I hit the floor I thought the chair hit me in the back of the right leg. (This may have happened but after reading the blogs of my new found club I now suspect it was the rupture of my Achilles.) I sat on the floor for a good while hoping the pain would get better. No such luck. Crawled my way into the living room and hugged my ankle for a good hour. The husband came home and politely labeled me an idiot for performing such a stunt. After an hour I decided to visit our local walk in because of the swelling and pain. Once there the doctor recommended x-rays, then sent me home with an ace wrap and instructions that my sprain would get worse before it got better. For a month I watched the bruising and swelling get worse, never better. Finally I decided to see an or-tho specialist. Had to wait a week. He did his feeling thing(Now I know it was the Thompson Test) and said I needed an MRI. Insurance makes you submit a form before this procedure can be completed. Three days later I was in the office for my MRI. Two days after that back to the doctor to be told that I had a full rupture with a very wide space between the breaks. Because of the wide gape, time it took to be diagnosed and my high activity level he recommended surgery. So I began my adventure on June 14th.

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