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I was hit by a BMW while walking in a parking lot.  He was to busy looking for a space to see me.  I like to tell friends that it was my catlike reflexes that enabled me to jump on the guy’s hood instead of being clipped across the legs.  After landing on the hood, he slammed on brakes and threw me off.  I must of landed on my foot and incurred a full Achilles rupture.  Finally, after a visit to a cardiologist for high blood pressure and then being kicked out of pre-op for too low of blood pressure, four weeks after the accident I had surgery.  That part went well, but then I developed an infection.  The incision site would not heal and I had to pack it twice a day. I was non-weight-bearing into January.   The orthopod kept me in a boot until February.  In March, since the incision still had not healed, I was sent the Wound Care Clinic.  After a month, we found the my body was rejecting the material that had been used to tie my Achilles back together.  It was removed and then a second one came out.

Now I am at therapy.  I am using a soft tissue specialist that worked for the Carolina Panthers.  I still have a small limp and going down stairs is a little difficult.  The therapist said that I should be back to close to 100% by October.  Looking forward to putting this behind me.

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