Achilles tendon off the heel bone

I will keep the long story short but I got injured in LA and decided to take a 20-hour flight home to Hungary where my doctor friend hooked me up with an excellent surgeon.  I will try to blog some of the more ‘fun’ details of my pre-op but right now I have a question.

I was to have a percutanous surgery but when my doctory examined my heel, he said that he had to do open surgery and drill holes in my heel bone b/c the tendon broke off the bone. I spent a few hours looking around on this site but I could not find any specific info on this type of (more serious?) injury and the differences in the path to recovery.

Did anyone have the same type of injury/surgery and/or could give me some advice or explain me the differences in the healing process comapred to the ‘typical’ ATRs?

Thanks in advance,


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  1. I just read today the blog of another who had the rupture right off the heel, so, as I recall, they did not operate but put him/her in a cast, saying that an operation was not possible.

  2. this might fall more into healing bones rather than healing muscles/tendons.

  3. Hello there!
    I had a heel spur to complicate my surgery. My doctor had to cut out part of the heel and use two screws to reattach the achilles. I’ll be happy to tell you more about it, if you want to contact me!
    Take care!

  4. Hi Ben,

    my achilles came off the bone and the calf muscle and i also had to have a metal anchor screwed into my foot bone. the main difference is that you are generally about 1-2 months behind in the recovery of a standard rupture ie it just takes longer to recover. What happens is that they screw the metal into your bone and then attach the achilles and one of your calf muscles to the metal (at least thats what happened to me). it then takes about 9 weeks to grow and attach. I then spent 6 weeks in a cast and now i am in a walking boot to support my walking for 6 weeks ( i have one week to go)l. This means no physio for 3 months in total and lots of patience. once the 3 months is up you can start physio like everyone else, my surgeon told me that it should repair and heal just as well as everyone else it just takes longer. Hope this help mate.

  5. Hi Ben
    I also tore my achilles from the heel bone. At first it was thought to be a small tear so the conservative approach was taken and I was put in a cast for 4 weeks in hopes it would start to heal. When that didn’t happen surgery was scheduled for June 3 and at that time they found that it had pulled from the heel bone . I am now 9 weeks post surgery(5 weeks in a cast & 4 weeks and counting in a boot) Started therapy today and it went well. I have been allowed to drive for the past 3 weeks. Because its my right achilles, I take the boot off, slip on a shoe while driving and them put the boot back on when I get out of the vehicle. I’ve also been allowed walking in the house only without the boot. Ahhhh bare feet on bare floors. I’ll be trying to go back to work on the 18th with the boot at first. For me the pain & swelling has been minimal. At 58 yrs old I thought this was going to be one of those forever healing processes and although it’s been a long haul, it appears from what I read I’m no slower or speedier to heal than anyone else. I think the healing process is a little different for each one of us. Good luck. Hope this is helpful

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  7. Hi Guys

    I had the same injury and had open surgery where an anchor (non metal screw) placed in heel and spent 6 weeks in a cast and after that started phisioterapy by while seating down placing the foot on a skate and pushing back and forth, and then I noticed an indentation in the same place I had ruptured and discovered it was a rerupture.
    I guess I started phisioteraphy too early.
    I am now in a cast again with the hope of avoiding an operation.


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