3 wks post-op

my cast was changed today and i had foot repositioned from 135° to 120°. the target of 90° / neutral will hopefully be reached by 23rd July (6 wks post-op) i was able to pull foot up to the new angle, but didn’t enjoy the sensation very much. later the calf and tendon were objecting.

i overdid it at the weekend by getting a coach to london,visiting the Canada Expo at Olympia and crutching around the capital. i paid for it the next day, mind. 

i’m finally slowing down and finding a rhythm that i can cope with this at. hope all fellow ATR sufferers out there are mending. i asked the guy who re-cast me how many ATR’s he sees in a week - ‘oh, a dozen easily every week’. it’s a shame that there’s an endless line of people out there enjoying their game/hobby/mid-life crisis, who’ll no doubt sprint, volley, jump or lob and end up on the floor slightly confused, wondering who stepped on their shoe.

i’m convinced now that i would have gotten off lightly, perhaps even perhaps with just a calf strain, had i not been wearing my ‘low-cut’ merrell trainers. i live in walking boots and swear by the protection the high ankle offers me. who knows? but i think i’ll get back into boots asap, if my scar/tendon will allow.

help & support/padded cycle gloves/wheelchair. the three things i couldn’t do without at the moment.

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  1. jenny on July 3rd, 2008

    Hi offdib,
    You and I are on almost the exact same timeline, I ruptured on June 8th with surgery on the 13th. I am curious how long your trip was on the coach. This weekend my husband and I had planned to drive our two kids to their overnight summer camps. It is a 3 hour drive each way plus we will have to spend the night because one starts Saturday and one starts Sunday. Is it folly to think I can sit in a car this long? I still find it very difficult to stand for more than 10 minutes without having to elevate again. And my husband also wants to do some shopping. (This was supposed to be our “alone vacation time” for the first time in 7 years but I had to go and break myself!)

  2. offdibb on July 3rd, 2008

    hi jenny,
    coach journey was 2.5 hrs, but i don’t think this is what the leg objected to, as i was able to raise leg to waist height. i overdid it on the crutches, the weather was hot, and during day leg was down for over 6 hrs (not advisable if you can help it)
    if you’re in a car it’s possible to get leg up,at least to waist height, so don’t let that put you off. this injury stops you doing enough things that are enjoyable, so my advise would be to go for it, enjoy the weekend, and perhaps bring along some frozen peas/ice-pack in a coolbox in case you need it (it won’t do any harm anyway)
    most shopping centres have wheelchairs available to use so make use of these, it’s much easier than crutches.
    have a great weekend,

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