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2 wks post-op

went to fracture clinic to have stitches out and cast no.4 put on. stitches out x5 weren’t too bad. orthopaedic surgeon seemed pleased with his handiwork and suggested we aim to reach a 90° neutral position within four weeks. this requires a cast a week, with repositioning each time to reduce foot’s angle. it feels safer being in a fully wrap-around cast and not the previous splint-casts which didn’t inspire much confidence. i was sure had i fallen onto my gimpy foot, my heel would have been forced through the light bandage, and i would be back to square one. now i’ll just guillotine my toes off.

i’ve posted pics of the incision on a new page (2 wk pics) it seemed ok and had closed neatly, but i nearly emptied my bowels in fear when they moved foot to the new position. wasn’t ready for that feeling.

four more weeks of casts. deep breath………..and relax.