Archive for June 24th, 2008

5 do’s 5 don’ts


1. be patient (and thankful that this is temporary)

2. keep leg up & wiggle those toes (reduce swelling, help circulation)

3. use time constructively (and do something you enjoy)

4. buy cycling gloves with padded palms (for crutches / wheelchair)

5. keep blogging, supporting and learning from one another



1. throw crutches across the room screaming ‘FUGGNCHFFNARGHH!’

2. hop for 8 weeks (it’s not big and it’s not clever)

3. drop your plaster cast in the bath water

4. wear flip-flops / mules / slip-ons etc (good foot must be secure) 

5. get blue, get even.


let us know your 5 do’s 5 don’ts.