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hi all, day 5 post-op and before me lies an ocean of days in similar positions. on sofa, leg up, laptop dug into lower ribs (aids typing). what would i do without the internet? “err offdibb, you could study something, read more, meditate, increase your knowledge”, comes the reply, not vegetate watching videos on youtube through splayed fingers of ATR accidents, and dogs that talk. hopefully this obsessive phase of all things ATR (and talking dogs) will pass, and i won’t spend every waking second replaying how i did it?, why it happened to me?, is my wound & tendon healing? did that dog really say ‘i want my mama’? and just how fat and lardy is it possible to get on yer back?

i think of you all out there, and wish you speedy but safe recoveries.


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  1. AnnieH on June 18th, 2008

    Your story sound so familiar, only problem being I have actually put on nearly 1 stone in weight (don’t know what that is in pounds) but it is a lot. Cannot wait to get out into the garden to do some exercise, or just walking…

    This is my 10th week now so all that sitting is not good.

    I would not have survived without computer, youtube etc. so I know how you feel. I checked out all the AT operations and tried to show them to people to let them know what I had been through, unfortunately nobody wanted to look!!

    My first week seemed to be like years, went back to work second week but still had to keep leg raised, not very attractive sight.

    Keep the faith

  2. runrattyrun on June 18th, 2008

    I am a very fat man — at least I feel that way. I get tired, but I’m really picking up the activity in week 9. I wish I had done some sit-ups or anything to help offset the inactivity. On the other hand, I’m recovering from an injury, not training for the Olympics. Rest is best. Don’t give yourself a hard time. You will recover.

  3. withnail on June 18th, 2008

    Hi - You know what has saved me so far - and I never thought i would say this - is work. I went back on the Monday after my Friday operation. The first few days were hell, but I rigged up a laptop and some cushions on a spare chair to elevate my leg. We are so busy that pretty soon I notice that 4 weeks have passed. Without work, just sitting around, I would go nuts. If you can, get back to normal life asap, and time will pass a lot quicker. Good luck to you!

  4. tennisjunkie on June 18th, 2008

    I think we all had to find our different ways to “escape” from the reality that sets in with this injury. I say - do whatever it takes. For me initially I was on line all the time. Then I read about 8 books in 5 weeks. Now, closing on 7 weeks post op, life seems more normal and balanced. (I still hate being dependent and in a boot, but I am doing more each week.) Things seem to change incrementally, not dramatically.

    I worried alot about the injury and whether it would heal. While in a cast I was convinced there was something wrong - it felt like a burning all the time, so I had the cast removed and was recasted. (Everything was fine, just alot of rubbing.) I think we all have simply obsessed about the injury and healing.

    5 days post op is a hard stage — it will get better. If youtube and the internet is keeping you occupied and helping get through the down time, just try to enjoy it!

  5. eriedutchgirl on June 18th, 2008

    Best thing to do is focus on what you CAN do. I agree with Withnail–do your normal routine as much as you can. I was back to work the day after the rupture, and 2 days after surgery. keeps the momentum going. I went back to the gym in 9 days to do some upper body work. Was my workout pitiful? Yes. But it was good being around those folks and making the efforts that I was capable of.

    Most of all, read this site. It’s a goldmine of information and support. Chin up–this too shall pass. You’re in the worst part right now. No where to go but better.

  6. damacar on June 18th, 2008

    I am actually going to have the cushions replaced on my couch when this is over! It will get better. Some days are awful.Depression, anger, no outlet for the stress and energy that you used to release from walking, working out, or soccer. Everything will get to you. Just hang in there. WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE. Work definately helps. I used to get a little stir crazy sitting in a cublicle (pre ATR) but now, i’m grateful I have a cube to sit in to occupy my mind and time. This has been said on this site many a time, and I didn’t believe it at first, but pretty soon you’ll be counting weeks/months instead of days. When you get really down, allow yourself a little pity party. But always keep in mind, you get to walk again. Its a temporary set back.


  7. mlouie on June 18th, 2008

    I agree. You’re in what I believe is the toughest part of recovery - the first week post-op. Another thing that can help is just to get some friends to stop by. Reading your blog, you may not have the option, but even if you just get them on the phone, it’s good. My impression is that you’re really looking for something to help break the monotony of enduring the endless stream of couch-hours.

    You may even consider ordering pizza just to give you the thrill of getting to the door, sliding the pizza on the floor, and seeing and talking to another person :)
    In all seriousness, though, you’ll make it. We did it and we’re just like you.


  8. Marianne on June 18th, 2008


    I can so relate to the way you feel…Yesterday, I decided to take a “laptop break” knowing that I have been obsessing over this miserable ATR and focusing on it too much….today I’m back though and your thoughts compare so much to mine and I really appreciate reading all those comments/responses to your feelings. Like you, I am off work– I have the summer off because I am a substitute teacher.

    Today, I go for my 2 week post-op appointment to have the PA take a look at how things are healing. Like tennisjunkie, I too, have been worrying about what the wound looks like…lots of burning and swelling even though I have stayed on my back with leg elevated this whole time.

    I find that watching something funny on TV or a funny movie helps…..laughing is suppose to be good for healing :)

    I have definitely had my down times and even though I have been counting the days until this first appointment I am nervous….I know because of all the comments I have read on this site, that this is normal….

    Thanks so much for sharing and keep posting!!


  9. offdibb on June 19th, 2008

    cheers for all your posts guys, much appreciated. i keep swaying from “in the scheme of things it ain’t all that bad” to “what have i done? blah blah” somewhere in the middle is probably more realistic. take it easy everyone, and thanks again for your advice. offdibb

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