day 3. post op

just wondered if anyone else’s wound bled through their cast bandage. don’t panic.. it stopped on day 1, but it now means that the wound has stuck to dressing. i want to unwind bandage to check on healing but know this ain’t very clever. mind is full of so many ‘what ifs?’

also was hygiene of foot an issue with anyone? or did you all just stick leg in air and ignore the flies. LOLĀ 

good luck with 1st cast removal marianne.


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  1. marianne on June 15th, 2008

    Thanks Tim,

    I remember my doc telling me, right after surgery, not to worry if there was some blood on the cast, but I did not have any… you have full cast or half cast/half splint?


  2. offdibb on June 15th, 2008

    .. the cast i have has inch gap under foot and up achilles (or what’s left of it!) and then whole leg wrapped in bandage. that’s why it’s tempting to peek at wound, or at least unwind bandage. guess i’ll leave it well alone for now. really want to get into a boot asap, but guess my doc here in Dorset will decide that. think that is 4 wks away though. that’s 28 days of daytime tv… sheesh!

  3. screwdriver on June 15th, 2008

    on mine - from surgery i had the splinth for 2 weeks - no peeking and cleaning but no blood thru either , from there they remved the splinth and put a cast and still no cleaning . they did not touch the wound at all fro surgery to the cast - they only looked at it and was heaing fine visually.

  4. hoss on June 16th, 2008

    No bleeding here. Sounds like your doc is going to do the same as mine. A long process/ordeal.
    Welcome to the our world I’ll visit your part of it frequently.

  5. Dessie on June 27th, 2008

    Hi all,
    24 hours post op, no bleeding and not much pain today. Right leg in half cast up to knee.Finding the comments on the site very helpful in understanding the injury and how rehab works.

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