day 2.

hi all,

came across this site whilst researching what appears to be a very costly slip-up in the park when walking the dog. the information and reassurance i am gaining from it is very welcome. my accident was on 06.06.08 and surgery was 12.06.08. i had fully ruptured AT but managed to walk home, just. i am now unable to earn as self-employed, so need a plan B very quickly.

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  1. annieh on June 14th, 2008

    Hello and welcome!!!

    Not many of us in GB have found this site so welcome from Manchester.

    I fell in a car park and shuffled around for 2 weeks after visiting NHS walk in centre who said just put ice packs on it. Eventually I went private!!! using my PPP/Axa Insurance, so glad I had that.

    Anyway, just had cast removed after 9 weeks, and started physio today.

    I work for my self-employed husband so in effect I am self-employed as well. I managed to do my job from home for the first week and emailed work to office. Suppose it depends on what type of work you do as to whether you can work from home.

    I borrowed a wheelchair from an Aunt and used my crutches to propell myself around office.

    What work do you do? Make sure you speak to your Accountant to see what you can claim for, you are still entitled to sickness benefit, although it will be small. Your Accountant may be able to reduce your tax/mortgage payments… (my hubby is an Accountant)

    I really hope you manage, do you have any medical insurance?

    Good luck

  2. dennis on June 14th, 2008

    offdibb -
    Welcome, and glad that you found us early on. I hope the site has been helpful so far, and be sure to check out all the resources on the site.

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